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SRF Ranch Procedures For Ordering Semen

Below we provide you our set procedures for you to order semen from us in the best fashion helping to inure all of our end goal desires getting your mare in foal!

Unlike many stallion stations (stallion owners), we keep our services available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. After all we cannot control nature or your mare's ovulation timing. We are all about the customer service, being there for you and getting your mare in foal at ideally the first attempt.

Procedure for ordering Fresh Cooled Semen:
Ideally order fresh cooled semen from us one full calendar day before you need the same in your possession. If you live in an out of the way place be certain you know your Federal Express local office as the next day may in some areas actually mean a bit longer.

Complete and fax to us the Stallion Service Contract

If semen is needed for Monday, you may call anytime Saturday or Sunday.

Semen that is collected and shipped on Monday can be used for breeding on Monday or Tuesday.

Call Tuesday for a Wednesday collection / shipment; this semen can be used for breeding on Wednesday and Thursday.

Call Thursday for a Friday Collection/shipment; this semen can be used for breeding Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday.

If your mare needs to be rechecked by the vet the day of collection then let us know that when you order. We just ask that you call us the morning of collection to let us know whether we should ship or not ship. If you cancel an order after the stallion is collected and we cannot use the semen for another client, there will be a $50 cancellation fee.

Procedure for ordering Frozen Semen

Should you have any question regarding ordering, fees, forms, etc., please telephone me I will be pleased to assist you personally.


Rafael Ocampo
Ranch 951 258 0483
Mobile 909 578 6631

For Fresh Semen only:
If this is a same day air shipment - provide the name of the Airport we should ship to. If this is a FedEx shipment - please provide the destination address, phone number and contact name Method of shipping i.e. Airlines for same day service or Federal Express for overnight service Phone number of someone we can contact in case of questions

Fresh Semen shipments The day the semen is collected and shipped out, we will call you and give you the FedEx tracking number or the flight information and air bill number.

Please ship your container back when you have used the semen. During most of the breeding season we ship many containers each breeding day. We need them back so we have containers for the next day. We will not ship semen to you in the future if your containers are not returned on time by two-day service such as UPS or Federal Express.

To return containers: put an address label on the outside of the container and ship them back to us via a two-day service. Insure the containers used for fresh chilled semen for $250.00. This way if they are damaged en route, the shipping company is liable, not you. Frozen semen containers must be insured for $750.00 and can only be shipped via Federal Express. Please return them to the address indicated on them.

Ship to:
SRF Ranch
2959 Hillside Ave
Norco, Ca 92860
Ranch 909-578-6631

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